Ten Fruitful Years! Happy 10th Anniversary, FIFE Fund!
FIFE Fund supports a variety of learning activities outside classroom.

How to Apply

How to Apply

::Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Am I eligible to apply if my sibling(s) is/are university students / graduates?

    Yes, so long as your parents and grandparents are not university graduates and you fulfill all other specified criteria.

  2. Am I eligible to apply if both my parents are retired and no one provides me with financial support?

    Yes, if the (a) monthly household income of your family is HK$19,194 or less; and (b) the total value of savings and assets of HK$278,000 or less per each of your family member. Assets refer to bank deposits (saving/current/time deposits), cash in hand, investments (stock/shares/warrants/funds), properties, business undertakings, loans to others, gold and platinum, land, car parks, vehicles, vessels, and taxi/public light bus licences, but exclude self-occupied property. (See also Q7)

  3. I am a first-generation university student in my family and my sibling(s) provide(s) me financial support, am I eligible to apply for the FIFE Fund?

    Yes, if the (a) monthly household income of your family is HK$19,194 or less; and (b) the total value of savings and assets of HK$278,000 or less per each of your family member. (Please refer to Q2 and Q7 for further details)

  4. I am a second year student, can I apply for the FIFE Fund?

    Yes, if you are a local full-time and full-degree undergraduate student admitted to the University in or after September 2008. This includes students who are upon their first entry to study at HKU (regardless of the year of study) and students who resume their studies at HKU as first-year students after deferment.

  5. I am from Mainland China, can I apply for the FIFE Fund?

    No. In this initial stage, the FIFE Fund is open to local students only.

Documentary Proof and Calculation of Household Income
  1. Do I need to submit documentary proof to CEDARS if I have applied for Government Tertiary Student Finance Scheme (TSFS or Grant & Loan)?

    Yes, for those who applied for the means-tested Grants and Loan, please submit your Grant/Loan application form and the results notification from the HKSAR Government. For those who have not applied for TSFS or have only applied for Non means-tested Loan Scheme, please submit documentary proof of family income, savings and assets, such as copies of tax returns and bank statements of the applicants and their family members.

  2. How do I calculate my monthly household income?

    The total monthly household income includes (a) 100% of the gross monthly income of parent(s) or spouse (for married applicant) who provide(s) financial support to you, plus (b) 30% of the income of unmarried sibling(s) residing with the family.

  3. My father is self-employed and he does not receive a stable monthly income, how do I know whether his monthly income meets the requirement?

    You can add up all your father’s income of the previous financial year (e.g. April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019) and divide it by 12 months. For income proof, please ask him to write and sign a self-declaration stating his average monthly income.

  4. How and when should I submit my documentary proof?

    You should submit hard copies of documentary proof to CEDARS in Room 301 - 323, 3/F, Main Building within the specified period (usually in the following week after the deadline of application).

  5. Can I submit my application form by hand?

    No, you must complete the on-line application form on FIFE Fund’s website at http://www.fife.hku.hk.

Application Result
  1. If my application is successful, will I receive the award immediately?

    No, you need to submit a learning plan and attend a learning plan discussion session with a representative of the Steering Committee first.Then, you can make use of the Fund to finance your specific learning activity.


Funding Application for Specific Learning Activity (for current Fund recipients)
  1. When should I submit the application for funding of a specific learning activity?

    You are expected to submit the on-line application before the activity begins.You are expected to upload the required supporting documents when you submit the on-line application.Only application with full set of supporting documents will be processed.

  2. What are the required supporting documents?

    Please provide documents that can prove your participation and expenses of the concerned activity.  For example, admission and offer letters / emails; payment receipts issued by organizers; airticket receipts and correspondence email with the programme organizers.

  3. Can I use the FIFE Fund for more than one activity?

    Yes, you can use the Fund for several learning activities until the amount of the award is depleted. You have the flexibility in choosing when to use the Fund and how much to spend on each activity.To better use the Fund and spend the money prudently, you are advised to plan carefully and prioritise all learning opportunities which interest you as early as possible.

  4. When will I receive the funding for my learning activity?

    The Steering Committee will consider your funding application for a specific learning activity in the month subsequent to your on-line application. If the Steering Committee approves your funding application, the Finance & Enterprise Office takes 8 weeks to arrange the payment.

  5. What are the eligible learning activities?

    Activities offered by HKU faculties, departments and student bodies which fall under the scope of FIFE Fund will be eligible for the Fund. Learning activities that are organised by external organisation will be considered by the Steering Committee on a case-by-case basis.

  6. Can I submit my application form by hand?

    No, you must complete the on-line application form on FIFE Fund’s website at http://www.fife.hku.hk .

If you have other questions which are not covered above, please write to fife@hku.hk