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Who will benefit

Who will benefit

::Eligibility for 2022-23 exercise

Students who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply:

  1. Local full-time and full-degree undergraduate students who were admitted to the University in or after September 2008(1);
  2. Being the first-generation university students in their families (i.e. their grandparents and parents do not have any university education);
  3. Having a monthly household income of HK$19,751 or less(2)(3); and
  4. Having a total value of savings and assets of HK$286,000 or less per family member(4).

Students who barely miss Criteria 3 and 4 may also apply. The Steering Committee at times will give consideration to special circumstances, such as applicants who have family member(s) suffering from chronic illness, have several siblings in schools or have limited or no financial support from family.