Ten Fruitful Years! Happy 10th Anniversary, FIFE Fund!
FIFE Fund supports a variety of learning activities outside classroom.
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Who will benefit

Who will benefit

::Scope & Activities supported by the Fund

The FIFE Fund supports students to participate in the following university-administered/supported outside classroom learning activities:

  1. Exchange
  2. Overseas programs
  3. Overseas internships
  4. Volunteering activities (including service trips)
  5. Language (a maximum of $5,000 from FIFE Award)
  6. Halls/colleges (a maximum of $4,500 *starting from September 2019, 2019-20 from FIFE Award)
  7. Sports/music/arts/other skills (a maximum of $3,000 from FIFE Award)
  8. Professional certificates/courses (a maximum of $3,000 from FIFE Award)

An amount of HK$15,000(1)(2)(3) will be provided to each successful applicant for participating in the above learning activities over the entire course of study.

1. Applicants with special needs and valid justifications may be granted an extra amount of HK$20,000 maximum (i.e. HK$35,000 in total). It is reminded that the relevant application should be made prior to the commencement of the activity. For details and application procedure of the additional funding, please contact CEDARS at fife@hku.hk
2. The Fund may be held concurrently with other scholarships, grants and/or loans administered by the University provided that the total value received by any student does not exceed the maximum amount of financial assistance / scholarship that a student can receive in a year as stipulated by the University.
3. The value of award has been adjusted to HK$15,000 from the academic year of 2015-16.