Ten Fruitful Years! Happy 10th Anniversary, FIFE Fund!
FIFE Fund supports a variety of learning activities outside classroom.
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How to Apply

How to Apply

::Online Application

Application for the FIFE Fund

Application opens twice a year. The first round runs in September and the second round in January.

Applicants should prepare the following information before the online application:

  • Personal particulars;
  • Financial information on household income, savings and assets; and
  • Information on special family conditions or situations (for exceptional cases only).

Students who have applied for means-tested Government Tertiary Student Finance Scheme (TSFS or Grants & Loans) need to submit their Grant/Loan application form and results (if available). Those who have not applied for TSFS or have applied for Non means-tested Loan Scheme are required to submit documentary proof of family income, savings and assets, which include copies of tax returns and bank statements of the applicants and their family members after online submission of application.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After completing the online application, students will need to submit their supporting documents (government grant/loan form or income & asset proof) to FIFE Fund. Dates of submission and arrangements will be announced in due course.


Application for Funding of Specific Learning Activity (for current FIFE recipients only)
Successful applicants will be invited to submit their learning plans and meet with a representative of the Steering Committee.  After the meeting, fund recipients can start applying on-line for funding to finance their participation in specific learning activity.  Only applications with full set of supporting documents will be processed. 
The learning activity applications will be considered by the Steering Committee on a monthly basis.  If the learning activity application is approved by the Steering Committee, applicant will receive a Letter of Agreement which specifies the amount of grant and all the relevant terms and conditions. Applicant is required to sign and return the Letter to CEDARS.  Please allow 8 weeks for the Finance & Enterprise Office to process the payment.
Fund recipients are required to submit an Annual Learning Report(1) by 30 September every year or by 31 August for students who are in the final year of study.