Ten Fruitful Years! Happy 10th Anniversary, FIFE Fund!
FIFE Fund supports a variety of learning activities outside classroom.

News Update

News Update

Open for Application: FIFE Fund 2021-22 Round I

The First-in-the-Family Education Fund (FIFE Fund), which supports first-generation university undergraduates to pursue outside classroom learning, is inviting applications from full-time local undergraduates. The application deadline is 17 November 2021 (Wednesday).

A one-off pilot scheme is launched in 2021-22 to support students with sudden financial changes or students with family income and assets that slightly exceed the upper limits of the Regular Exercise. Please refer to the application requirements for details ("How to Apply" > "Eligibility").

Interested students can submit an online application at http://www.fife.hku.hk (under “How to Apply”).

IMPORTANT: After completing the online application, students will need to submit their supporting documents (government grant/loan form or income & asset proof) in-person to CEDARS office (Room 301-323, 3/F, Main Building) on 18 or 19 November 2021. Only applications with a full set of supporting documents will be processed.

FIFE Fund 2021-22 (Round I) Poster